About Us

GenMed is the newest member of the SEISA Group. The SEISA Group's other businesses, SEISA Mexico and SEISA Europe, are established FDA-registered and ISO 13485-compliant contract manufacturers operating from low-cost locations adjacent to the lucrative U.S. and European healthcare markets. With Minneapolis-based GenMed, the SEISA Group has become a vertically integrated solution for the development of catheter-based medical devices and components. By combining GenMed's research, development and engineering support services as well as extrusion expertise to the Seisa Group's traditional manufacturing base, customers are guaranteed the most cost-efficient, high-quality route from concept to market.

The GenMed team represents more than two decades of experience in the design, development and production of catheter-based delivery systems and components, including medical balloons and extruded/braided tubing. Fielded from some of the most reputable businesses in the industry, the GenMed team is ready to put their knowledge to work on your concepts. The team is also excited to work together with their family businesses in the SEISA Group to find the optimal distribution of resources in providing a turn-key solution to your needs. The quality of GenMed's services is best summarized by our RAPID concept: