Engineering and Design Services

The GenMed Innovation Center is anchored by an experienced engineering and design team focused on providing innovation in delivery devices. Our team leverages a comprehensive suite of software, including Solid Works (with Fluid Dynamics) and AutoCad and Minitab to ensure accurate and reliable development of new and innovative delivery devices. At the same time, the team works under a transparent project management structure meant to streamline any development process, giving customers a guaranteed quick delivery.

Extrusion Services

GenMed is a leader in medical extrusion and related services. Two key factors are behind our ability to provide fast, reliable and varied services in this space:

  • » Abundant Equipment – 5 extruders sizes able to accommodate a variety of tubing geometries and sizes
  • » Abundant Materials Stock – Commodity for specially for standard sizes and tolerances as well as Engineered Polymers

Our extrusion services are also key in GenMed's ability to provide solutions to more complex projects involving delivery devices.

Full-Scale Manufacturing

GenMed also has at its disposal a FDA- and ISO-regulated labor force of more than 1,000 spread between Mexico and the Slovak Republic. With experience in mass-producing Class I,II and III devices for some of the larger names in the device industry, our manufacturing team is ready to scale your product volumes to meet market demand. Click Here to learn more about our facilities